Jorge Olivera Castillo
Nancy Alfaya
Prof. Hannah Farber
Alison Bechdel
B.A. Johnston and M. Atwood, 2014
James Simpson
Gordon Teskey, 2014
Eric Kandel
Qais Akbar Omar, 2014
Kristin S. Appelget, 2014
Rick Miller, 2014
Joseph Primo
Self Portrait
Alfonso, 2015
Alex Rocha, 2015
Anonymous, 2014
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Cambridge, MA  |  215.307.6446  |  info@hvegaphoto.com

Jorge Olivera Castillo

Independent writer of novels, short stories, and poetry and journalist. He was one of 75 Cuban dissidents arrested then detained in Guantanamo where he was placed in solitary confinement from March of 2003 to December of 2004 by the Castro regime. His detainment was part of the Black Spring crackdown of 2003. Subsequently, his writing was banned and still is to this day even after being released from prison for health reasons.

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